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Becoming a Parent…

Parenting begins as soon as you first find out you are pregnant and continues throughout your entire life. Who you are and how you are as a parent changes over time based on life experiences and circumstances.

Are you the parent you want to be?

We all assume we know how to parent because we have the experience of how we were parented. You may want to emulate how your parents raised you or vow not to make the same mistakes and instead, try to do the exact opposite. But, it’s much harder than it seems. Even with the best intentions and efforts, you may find yourself repeating the same negative patterns you were raised with and handing down the same unspoken messages you received. No matter how young or old your kids are, you may feel unsure of how best to help. Children change and grow faster than we can keep up with them. At first, it’s hard to accept their level of need and dependence. Then, you may feel rejected by their striving for independence. And it can be extremely confusing as you move between these contrasting experiences.

Do you feel:

  • Out of control? Angry?  Fed-up? Impatient?  Ineffectual?
  • Do you struggle with balancing work and family life?

Together, we can work to…

  • help you be the parent you want to be;
  • gain an understanding of how you were parented impacts how you are as a parent;
  • help clarify your parenting values;
  • establish and maintain personal boundaries for self-care;
  • feel more in control of yourself, and
  • Have a mutually fulfilling relationship with your children.
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