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Have you had difficulty conceiving?

Facing infertility is a painful and disappointing process. After years of being careful not to get pregnant, it is tremendously surprising, even shocking – unbelievable – that when you finally want to, you can’t.

  • Are you and your partner struggling with the monthly roller coaster of emotions with each month you try and it doesn’t work?

Each month of trying offers hope and anticipation. But, even “trying” can get to be a chore – checking for fertility, having sex at proscribed times and then waiting for signs of pregnancy. Getting your period is a huge letdown, and a wide range of feelings may overwhelm you and your partner.   It is important to acknowledge and honor your full range of feelings associated with infertility.

You may experience a wide range of various feelings and each individual responds differently.  Either you and/or your partner may struggle with:

  • Sadness, Disappointment, Frustration, Anger, Irritability, Insomnia, Difficulty Concentrating, Lack of Energy, Denial, Shock, Worry, Hopelessness, Powerlessness, Guilt and Shame, Self-Blame, Feeling Inadequate – not fully whole as a woman or a man, Desire to Isolate, Feeling Betrayed, Blaming Your Partner, Difficulty Seeing Women Who are Pregnant or with Babies

It’s important to take care of yourself, both physically and emotionally.

You may need to enlist support – to help you manage the stress and painful reactions. It’s important to have a safe place and neutral sounding board to help you and your partner make important decisions.

  • Do you wonder how long to keep trying?
  • How far in the assisted reproductive technologies to go?
  • Do You Adopt or remain child-free?
  • How do you navigate these decisions when you and your partner don’t agree?

Davida helps individuals and couples work through their full range of feelings, provides support through difficult decisions, and help couples navigate different desires about the process and outcome of facing infertility.

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